Week 15 (1/30-2/5)

I’m finding it hard to beleive that I am almost four months pregnant. Once I got over the initial naseau and fatigue of the first semester, I started to feel really great. So much that at times, I feel like I’m not even pregnant. That is until, I look at my growing belly! I can still fit into most of my pants but am going to need to go shopping for some maternity clothes soon. Which I dread, not because I don’t like maternity clothes. I just hate spending money on them because I know I will use them for such a short period of time.

So, here is Week 15:

Monday: 4 miles (8:32)

Tuesday: 3.25 miles (8:34)

Wednesday: 6 miles (8:33)

Thursday: rest

Friday: 4 miles (8:35 pace)

Saturday: 3.5 miles with the jogging stroller (8:24 pace)

Sunday: 6.25 miles on the road (8:29 pace)

Total: 27 miles

My pace has slowed down but I’m not concerned about that. After all, I won’t be racing for a very long time (post-baby) so I’m just enjoying my easy runs and not worrying about pace. While I feel like the idea of a weekly long run (usually 10 miles for me), is a good idea,  I’m just not feeling very motivated to do a long run on the weekends. I’m not training for any races and won’t run anything over a 10k until after the baby comes.  With my husband putting in a full day of work on Saturday, it leaves only Sunday morning to do a long run. And I am starting to really cherish this precious time we have together as a family as we don’t see him much from January through April 15th (yes, he is a CPA and focuses on tax work).

Overall though, I feel great! But I swear, I feel like I could eat everything in my house and as much as I want to stay eating healthy throughout this pregnancy, I have a tendency to let certain foods I normally don’t eat slip into my diet. Last night, I just had to have a Sonic Blast. Ahh, pregnancy cravings! Fortunately, I’ve only gained five pounds which is average, so as long as I don’t eat one every day, I think it is okay to sneak in some dessert every once in a while, right?!?

Alright, I’m off to the doctor next Friday, so I’ll post how everything is going in next week’s weekly recap.

Now, off to enjoy my Sunday and perhaps once some football. Really, I just like the commercials. I’m not much of a pro football fan as I tend to enjoy college football, even though our beloved LSU Tigers embarrassed us in the national championship game:(


2 thoughts on “Week 15 (1/30-2/5)

  1. I got such a sweet tooth when I was pregnant, too! Apparently, it’s very common. Just catching up, and I love your idea about taking time to do something creative or just for you… what a great idea to recharge! Let us know if you make it happen. 🙂

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