Week 16 (2/6-2/12)

Well, this week, I felt a little unmotivated to run and it showed in my mileage. I had to change up my work schedule, in-laws were coming in town, and I just was not feeling very excited about running.

Week 16:

Tuesday: 6.25 miles at the LSU lakes

Thursday: 4 miles on the road (8:38 pace)

Friday: 5 miles on the treadmill (8:43 pace)

Saturday: 4 miles on the road (8:04 pace)

Total: 19.25 miles

So, yes, kind of slow and pretty low mileage for me for the week but just thankful to be able to continue to run during my pregnancy.

Some fun things this week:

  • I went to the doctor on Friday. The baby’s heart beat was strong and healthy (136 to 140). The doctor said the baby was very active. I scheduled my 20 week sonogram on March 9th and we can find out the gender! Weight was up three pounds since last visit.
  • My two year old had preschool on Tuesday and I had the day off. So, as I mentioned in my post, Finding Time, I got to have some time to myself. While I really should have been cleaning for my company, I decided to do something for myself. I took a run around the lakes, used my gift card to buy some new running shoes, and went to  a new coffee shop to have a decaf latte and to take some time to read/write. While I was running around the lakes, I ran into another mom friend so after I picked up little Miss from school, we had a fun lunch playdate! Perfect day until the meltdown occurred because I got her home to late for her nap.
  • Mardi Gras next week and the Mardi Gras Mambo 10k next weekend! This race was featured in Runners World as the race for February. I ran this last year and loved it. This year, the race starts downtown (last year it started on the campus of LSU). While I certainly won’t be running this fast, it should be fun to change up my run for this race.
  • New shoes! I have been running in the Brooks PureFlow and the Brooks Ghost but my Brooks Ghost needed to be retired so I decided to try out the Brooks Launch. I’ve heard great things about this shoe. I have not run in them yet but I have always been satisfied with any Brooks shoes, so, I’m sure they will be a good fit for me.

Overall, still feeling good during this pregnancy just a little more tired than last. Perhaps this is because I have a VERY active two year old and chasing her around and keeping her busy can be quite a job. But, then again, I’m thankful every day for my sweet, curious, active toddler and praying for the arrival of a healthy baby in July.

By the way, congrats to all the finishers of the Rouge-Orleans ultra marathon relay this past weekend. We had a really cold weekend and I can only imagine who cold it must have been on the levee Saturday night. I’ve never run an ultra relay but after reading all my friend’s posts last weekend, I think I am going to have to try this race next year. Of course, my ideal race would be the Hood to Coast relay. I think if I could run HTC, I would die a very happy runner:)


2 thoughts on “Week 16 (2/6-2/12)

  1. Still awesome miles for pregnancy, I think. 🙂 I’m so glad you had some time to yourself… sounds like such a perfect morning. Even with the meltdown!

  2. Great news with the baby! And I really like my Brooks Launch. I ran the past two races in them. Rouge-Orleans is a must for you. I think you would enjoy the uniqueness but also familiarity with the levee.

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