the downward spiral…

For my first job out of college, I worked for a consulting firm. We traveled every week, worked long hours, and spent our nights in hotels, eating out every meal and/or ordering food in.

My coworker and I used to have a conversation about the downward spiral….

We worked long hours, ate bad food, were tired, and were less likely to exercise even though we knew exercise would help give us energy and make better food choices. But to me, it always snowballs. I stop running, start eating worse, sleep too much or too little, and the result is a moody mama with little energy or patience to deal with the daily battles in my life. My husband is working seven days a week and as late 8:00 pm or so during the week so I am one tired, frazzled mama by the time he comes home!

This week was no exception. I was just not in the mood to run, so I didn’t. I ran one four miler during the week but could not will myself to get out of bed. This was coupled with pregnancy fatigue and my indulgence in way too many girl scout cookies. And to top it all off, my toddler figured out how to climb over her gate at night and managed to get the doorknob secure key off her door making it impossible to keep her out of her room for naptime/bedtime.

Needless to say, she was finally going to sleep around 9:15 every night and naps were few and far between. On Friday night, she was up as late as 10:30. How this child is not tired and able to fight sleep like she does is a mystery to me!

So, last week was a rough pregnancy/running week for me. But the good thing was we got my toddler in bed by 8:30 Sunday evening and I got myself out of bed this morning for a short, easy 3.5 mile run around my neighborhood. The sun was just coming up as I started my run and it was a perfect, cool weather run. The azaleas are blooming and the cool air left me feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the day.

Let’s just hope I can get my two year old to sleep early again, sans doorknob security and gate. She is just too busy to want to stay in her room/bed to rest…

Picture of the week. Little Miss enjoying her first LSU baseball game!


6 thoughts on “the downward spiral…

  1. Feeling for you! The toddler bed transition (especially if you are pregnant) is a tough, tough time. I remember many nights sleeping (pregnant) for most of the night in a beanbag in my little girl’s room. As with all the trials though, it passes, and it’s worth it when she finally stays put and sleeps through. Hang in there and don’t feel bad about taking a break whenever you can fit them in. When you do get a chance to get away, take time to breathe deep and relax — sounds like you know that. I’m imagining the blooming Azaleas and at sunrise and it sounds WONDERFUL. Sending good thoughts your direction. Don’t we find out whether Baby #2 is boy/girl this week? EXCITING!

    • thanks for the encouragement! I know this is a short phase in our life that will soon pass quickly. Then, we will adjust to life with 2 kiddos 🙂 But yes, we find out the gender this Friday morning. I will post the news!

  2. We’re all human– those weeks will come! Especially when you’re pregnant, those breaks are important…but I’m so sorry about the long days and toddler fighting sleep! We haven’t switched to a toddler bed yet, but I”m nervous about that! Here’s to a better week!!

    • Thanks! The toddler transition was a bit of a challenge so don’t rush it. She adjusted fairly easily and thankfully sleeps all night, once we finally settle her down:)

  3. Oh man. Hang in there! I tell ya, I took a few years off from running during my second and third pregnancies because I just didn’t have it in me. Pregnancy is exhausting enough + chasing around a 2 year old + husband is working a ton (I can relate… my hubs was flying for the airlines when I was pregnant with #3), forget it.

    I think you’re doing GREAT! Hope this week is a good one!

    • Thank you for your encouraging words! I think as a mama nothing is ever set in stone and sometimes you have to take breaks to have energy to devote to family. I’m just grateful for the times I can and want to run but know that sometimes taking a break is a good thing too.

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