a day in the life – march edition

I figured it was time for a day in the life post. Since we go to music class/errands on Monday, I work/little Miss goes to school Tues/Thursday, and have some sort of outing planned for Fridays, Wednesdays have become our stay at home day where I let little Miss enjoy a day at home to play with her toys and have free play.

5:25 am – alarm goes off, hit snooze

5:35 – alarm goes off, contemplate sleeping in 10 more minutes but decide to get up, get dressed

5:50 – out the door to start my run. Ran 6 miles in 51:44 (8:37 pace), still feeling good running but feel like I have to use the restroom every five minutes. I do loops around my neighborhood so I can stop by my water bottle to take a water break. I decided to do a longer run mid-week so I can sleep in a bit over the weekend. I love getting my run in just as the sun is coming up. It is such a wonderful way to start my day!

6:45 – home from my run. Start coffee, check blogs, check/read e-mail, enjoy some quiet time

7:10 – hop in the shower, get dressed, put a load of laundry on

7:45 – dressed and ready for the day. Little Miss is still sleeping!!!

8:00 – attempt to wake up Little Miss. She is still sleeping. Turn off fan, open blinds, open door. She is not ready to get up:) She eventually pops up and is ready for breakfast. The hubs has already left for work and she is upset he is gone:) Busy season is not fun for any of us!

8:15 – breakfast. Little Miss requests blueberry yogurt (blue yogurt) and Cheerios:) I have some yogurt with a peach and raw oatmeal.  Yes, I know this sounds gross but it is actually quite tasty! I was still hungry after this so I had some toast with butter. After she eats, she is content to play with her toys so I take some time to do some dinner prep. I am doing a crock pot recipe that has to cook for 8 hours so decide to start it now so the afternoon won’t be quite so hectic:)

DSC_0085 DSC_0090


9:00 – get little Miss dressed, make her bed, change her diaper, etc. Realize I never started the laundry so start it.

9:15 – got outside to play in the bubbles. The weather has been so nice and warm so we enjoy some outside time.

DSC_0097  DSC_0101 DSC_0103 DSC_0104 DSC_0108DSC_0109DSC_0110DSC_0106 DSC_0107

10:00 – little Miss eats the rest of her breakfast. I have some string cheese for a snack. I take time to call my ob/gyn’s office. It seems they did not apply our new insurance and we got a bill for $500, yikes! After her snack, she wants to play inside with her toys so I catch up on the daily recap. I check on the laundry, tidy up a bit around the house, etc. My kitchen usually looks like this:


10:50 – back outside for painting. This is a great outdoor activity because while the paint is washable, it still is a lot easier when we can paint outside.

DSC_0007 DSC_0006 DSC_0008

11:15 – Nana (my mom) stops by. She is borrowing my car for the day while hers is getting repaired. She visits for a bit and then heads to lunch to meet a friend.

11:45 – lunch time. Get lunch ready and have a picnic. Little Miss almost threw a fit because she wanted to take my napkin. I am trying to work on sharing with this one but it is not going so well. She will have a rude awakening when the baby comes and she will eventually have to learn to share toys and time with me.  Eat lunch outside, cleanup, have some milk and a cookie and try to settle down a bit before her nap.  Girl Scout thin mints are the best:)

DSC_0009DSC_0010DSC_0011      DSC_0015DSC_0013DSC_0014

12:30 meltdown:( Little Miss wants to paint but trying to settle her down for a nap. Finally convince her to head to her room so she can see her ladybug night light. Have some milk, read two stories, change into clean clothes and put her down for a nap for 1:00. Not that she will go to sleep this early but at least she can play with her stuffed animals and settle down in her room. She played for 20 mins or so and I went to check on her and this is where I found her sleeping. I guess the floor is more comfortable then her nice mattress we bought her.


1:00 – Unload, fold, and put up laundry.  This is always easier than when my toddler is up and scattering clothes everywhere and wanting to use the hamper as a basket for me to push her around in. Catch up on daily recap, read blogs, read my book, rest.

3:30 – Little Miss is up. She wants to paint! Outside we go for more painting while I water plants, check on dinner, etc.  She plays outside, I chat with my sister on the phone.

5:00 – come inside to clean up, I finish up the grits for dinner while Little Miss watches a show on television.  After her show, we skype her grandparents in Texas. I forgot to take a picture but dinner is stewed beef cooked in the slow cooker, grits, and broccoli. Little Miss won’t touch the grits or beef but does eat some chicken, bread, and broccoli. At least she likes her veggies!

6:30 – Dinner, cleanup, and some play in the kitchen while I tidy up.

7:15 the hubs is home. Just in time because mama is TIRED:) We visit, I pack my lunch for work, and Little Miss plays.

7:45 – bed time routine begins. The hubs gives little Miss a bath while I tidy up the kitchen. She takes a bath bath, puts on her pjs, drinks her milk, takes her vitamin, brush her teeth, we read a book, and put little Miss in BED just after 8:00.

8:10 – I head to take a quick bath. I am feeling more pregnant because my feet hurt from standing at the end of the day. I feel the need to take a hot bath to rest and get off my feet. Plus, it is a nice distraction from my toddler who is complaining in her room for more milk, food, etc. She had plenty for dinner so we have to ignore her requests as they are just an excuse to get out of bedtime.

8:30 – check on little Miss. She has settled down to sleep in her corner. Will move her to her bed and I catch up on my daily recap.

8:40 to 9:30ish…time to relax, visit with the hubs, read, and get some rest! Have to be up and ready to go for a run, work and preschool tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “a day in the life – march edition

  1. I always love hearing what another mom’s day looks like! I’m impressed that she plays so well by herself so often, that’s awesome. L loves painting, play dough, her kitchen, whatever, but doesn’t last very long if I’m not playing with her. She’s a social kid– maybe she needs a sibling, too. 🙂

    • well, little Miss just started really playing by herself so it takes time. I think it helps that she goes to preschool 2 days and music one morning a week so she has plenty of interactions with other kids. But, there are days when she really wants me to play with her too! Hence, I get nothing done:)

  2. Love your post. Too bad you don’t live in Austin. I think Your Little Miss and My Little Miss would love playing together. They even have the same pJs!

    • I wish I lived in Austin, it seems like such a great city and I love meeting other moms for playdates! I don’t do a great job here but I ry. But yes, little Miss loves her princess pjs. Some mornings it is quite difficult to get her to change out of her comfy, cute pjs:)

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