Week 22 (3/19-3/25)

Well, I had a better week this week and enjoyed being home for the weekend. It was a nice break to stay home and get some things done around the house before we take our trip to Nashville next weekend. I took a break from teaching music class on Monday morning because little Miss had an upset stomach after our road trip so it was nice to have some time at home to get the house clean (somewhat), grocery shop, etc. and just catch up on all those duties.

Week 22:

Monday: 4 miles (9:00 pace)

Tuesday: 4 miles (8:54 pace)

Thursday: 4 miles (9:07 pace)

Friday: 4 miles (9:07 pace)

Saturday: 1.5 mile run/1.5 mile walk with the jogging stroller

Sunday: 4 miles (8:58 pace)

Total: 21.5 miles

A good running week but I definitely need to set aside time to stretch more! I don’t ever seem to take the time out in the morning as I’m always rushed to get dressed and going before my toddler is up but I really need to take time to either stretch or fit in some yoga.

Ideally, I would like to be closer to the 25 mile/week range but I’m happy with anything over 20 miles/week for as long as I feel good.

Overall, I’m still feeling really great and April is on the horizon which means that busy (tax) season will be ending soon and I may have a little more free time/help with little Miss on the weekends. I feel like I have been so busy taking care of my toddler that I’m starting to realize that I need to get busy getting ready for baby girl #2.  So many items on my to-do list (paint/decorate nursery, wash clothes, stock up on baby items, finish up little Miss’s room, etc.). As much as I want to attempt to get these things started on my own, I’m ready for my husband to be done with his busy season so that we can tackle on these projects together. Because, you really can’t get too much done with a two year old running around the house creating more chaos!

Photos of the week.

Giving daddy a haircut!

We love fro-yo!


2 thoughts on “Week 22 (3/19-3/25)

  1. I am still so excited for you that you are able to keep up 20+ miles a week! I was able to do that until about week 37 or so and I have no doubt you will too. Stretching is so important (pregnant or not) and I also need to be more conscious of setting aside time to do it. It sounds like Little Miss has been keeping you plenty busy…just wait until there’s two, right? 🙂 You’ll be great at it!

  2. So glad you had a better running week! Mmm, we love fro yo, too… but it’s been awhile. It’s really warm this week– time for a cool treat!

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