Week 25 (4/9-4/15)

Last week was a busy one. We took a road trip to Houston for a wedding, had a doctor’s appointment, and were busy with work and other activities.

Week 25:

Tuesday: 4 miles

Wednesday: 4.25 miles

Friday: 4 miles

Saturday: 3.5 miles

Total: 15.75 miles

Again, another lower mileage week but this was a really busy week and this is all I could fit in. I went to the doctor again last week for a sonogram (since they could not get all the measurements during the 20 week sonogram) and baby girl Crews looks great! I was up 12 pounds total, so still feeling good about my weight gain and everything looks great. I asked my doctor about continuing to run given the hotter conditions we are expecting this summer and my issues with low amniotic fluid during the last pregnancy and she said as long as I continue to stay hydrated that I can stay active and run:) Next appointment is the glucose screening test. Ugh, I hate that test but it is a necessary evil.

Overall, a great week and a fun but quick trip to Houston for a fun wedding weekend. Little Miss is starting to travel/sleep better so this makes life easier for mama. Our next trip won’t be until the end of May where we are planning a long weekend getaway with my husband’s family at their camp in Arkansas. Yes, I will be the pregnant mama in my bathing suit while the little ones play at the lake/beach!

But yesterday marked the official end of busy season. So, my husband will be home again at night and weekends to help out, spend time with the family, and perhaps give me some more time to squeeze in my runs! This is his first weekend off in a long time and I’m looking forward to a crawfish boil on Saturday and date on Sunday for coffee and a couples massage.

Some pictures from last week:

photo (1)

Belly at 24+ weeks!

photo (2)

My party girl enjoying some wedding cake!

photo (3)


photo (4)

Pooped after a busy weekend!

photo (5)

Happy to be back home!


2 thoughts on “Week 25 (4/9-4/15)

  1. Those are such sweet pictures of her! And you look great, too! I’m glad you are cleared to keep running… that will help keep your sanity while chasing your daughter. And sounds like a fun trip to Houston– hopefully we can meet up next time you pass through!

    • Yes, it was a fun weekend! The rehearsal dinner was at a great Mexican restaurant (the Mexican food is just not the same in Louisiana) and the reception was at the Parador, a beautiful venue for a reception! I will definitely let you know next time we come through so we can meet up!

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