Girls on the Run 5k

I made it to the third trimester! My goal was to continue running through the first two trimesters and now that we are experiencing the heat of summer already in Louisiana, my goals for running/fitness this pregnancy aren’t so much focused on mileage but on taking the time to be active when I can but not stress about miles/week, etc. I just want to run when I feel up to it and enjoy the last trimester of my pregnancy!

Last weekend, my mom, cousin, and I participated in the Girls on the Run 5k. I read about this program a few years ago and this was the first time I made it out for one of their 5k races but am so inspired by this organization. I wanted to run and participate in this event with my daughter so at 7 months prego, I finished the 5k, pushing my two year old in the stroller. With a 9 am start, it was very hot out so I was extra careful to take it easy and made sure to stop and hydrate as necessary while running. I did not time the race and started in the back, way after the start of the race, so I’m not sure of my time. But, like I said, time/pace does not matter at this point.

I must say, running this race with my daughter was so rewarding and one of my most memorable race experiences. I loved crossing the finish line and having her there to participate in this race with me! I only hope that she will someday model my healthy habits and hopefully in a few years run this race with me!

Here are some pictures from the event:


Before the start


Photo Courtesy of Claim Your Journey


Photo Courtesy of Claim Your Journey

It was a wonderful experience seeing all the young girls out there participating and running in their first 5k. I loved being out there to run with them, encourage them, and cheer them on during their first race!

To see some great coverage of the race, check out the Claim Your journey website.


4 thoughts on “Girls on the Run 5k

  1. That’s so great! Congrats on a 5k at 7 months pregnant, and pushing the stroller- you are amazing. So glad you’re still feeling good!

  2. LOVE IT!! I especially enjoyed the photo of Little Miss carrying her own energy drink! (My daughter’s favorite part about our Mommy & Me Races is the “energy jellybeans”). Definitely good memories and a great example for her.

    Also, Congrats on your 3rd trimester!!

  3. Totally awesome! I would love to run in a Girls on the Run 5K too. I’d love to have my daughter run it with me.

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