Week 31 and Counting…

I have fallen behind on my weekly recaps. Life has just been very busy lately. As of this week, I have resigned from my part-time job to stay at home full time. I was working two days/week while my two year old was in preschool but have decided to stay home full-time with baby # 2 on the way. Little Miss will be going to a summer program in June and July so hopefully this will give me some time to get ready for life as a family of four!

I went to the doctor today and everything looks great. At almost 31 weeks, I am up 16 pounds but feel really good. A little tired towards the end of the day but that is to be expected with the heat and chasing a very active two year old around. The baby has a very strong heartbeat and is constantly moving and kicking.

I’ve stopped counting my weekly mileage and lately am just running when I can or when my body is up to it. With the heat, extra weight, and other busyness of my life, I don’t want to put any extra pressure on myself to get in mileage. On my run earlier this week, I was beginning to think my running/exercise days were over. While I was running on the treadmill, I was feeling a lot of pressure/cramping. So, I slowed down my running for this week to clear it with my doctor. She explained that the pressure is most likely due to heat/dehydration so to take it easy if I experience this again. I was put on bed rest at 34 weeks during my first pregnancy for low amniotic fluid. It was the month of August which is notoriously hot in South Louisiana so I’m not sure if the heat/dehydration was a factor but I’m not taking any chances and will be backing off at any sign of cramping. She scheduled me for a sonogram for my 33 week visit so it will be good to check things out to make sure my fluids are normal during the remainder of my pregnancy.

On a fun note, Little Miss is off of school for the next two weeks so we have been taking swim lessons and are ready to enjoy some fun this summer. Here are some pictures from her last day of school and her swim lessons this week.





Alright, hope to post more often but things have been busy in our household. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!


One thought on “Week 31 and Counting…

  1. She’s so cute!! Glad to hear you’re still feeling good. Pregnancy in this heat sounds rough… L was born in January, so I had no experience with heat in the later stages. I’m impressed you’re getting some runs in here and there. Sounds smart to not push yourself for a number, and go on feel. Enjoy the 3 day weekend!

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