Hanging up the running shoes

My mileage last week:

Tuesday: 3.5miles

Friday: 3.5 miles

Sunday: 3 miles

I went for a run on Sunday afternoon on the treadmill and once again was plagued with the pressure/Braxton-Hix like contractions. I made it to 3 miles, had dinner with my family, and put my feet up for the rest of the evening but continued to experience pressure/contractions all evening.

This morning, when I woke up to go exercise, I decided to try one more time and if I had the same experience, I would stop and walk. I went right at 6 am, which is the cooler part of the day but still had the same pressure/BH.

So, I decided to walk. I walked 3 miles around my neighborhood. It took me over 45 minutes but I just enjoyed some time outside and the opportunity to get some fresh air and start off my day doing something active.

I’m not a huge fan of walking. I get bored with it and like to run but at this stage in my pregnancy, I think I am going to hang up my running shoes.

When I found out I was pregnant, I had no expectations for running during pregnancy. I did not run at all with my first so just wanted to run as long as I felt comfortable doing so and the doctor allowed. I am happy that I was able to run for 31 weeks during this pregnancy and keep up some decent mileage for most of my pregnancy. I knew that once late May heat, the heat would be an issue for me and given my husband’s work schedule for June, I really can’t afford to be put on bed rest (or go into preterm labor), especially with a two year old.

My due date is late July. I have a feeling this baby will arrive sometime between mid to late July. So, even if I take the full six weeks to recover, post baby, that still has me able to run by early September, which is only 3 to 4 months of time off from running. In my mind, that feels like a VERY long time but given I did not run from March to October (over 8 months with my first), I see this as an improvement!

So, perhaps I’m being a little conservative and could fight through to get some extra miles in June. But, I think I will channel my energy elsewhere for the next two months, enjoy these last months as a family of four, and get ready for the arrival of our new addition.

Here are our attempts to get some pictures with Little Miss. She does not like to sit still or pose for the camera!




2 thoughts on “Hanging up the running shoes

  1. I can’t imagine running pregnant in this heat– it’s hard enough for those of us not carrying an extra body! 🙂 Nice job on making it to 31 weeks- you can enjoy these last weeks, letting your body prepare for delivery. You’re getting so close!!

    • thanks laura! summer is my least favorite time of year to run so I”ll be looking forward to getting back into running in the fall when it is cooler. I know these last few weeks are going to fly by so looking forward to having some time to get ready for the baby!

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