Week 34

I can’t believe I have less than six weeks to go until this baby is here! Here are some baby bump pictures.

Here are my workouts for week 34:

Monday: 3.25 miles – Run/walk on the treadmill. Walked 5 minutes, ran ~ 7 minutes (to complete the mile) for 3 miles, then walked .25 miles to cooldown. Really tough getting out of bed this morning but told myself that I always feel better after a workout

Wednesday: 3.25 miles – Repeat of Mondays workout. Walk 5 mins, Run 7 minutes for 3.25 miles. Thankful I can run/walk on the treadmill to keep me out of this heat during my last few weeks of pregnancy.

Thursday: 3.5 mile walk around the lakes. Walked a little after 9 am and it was super hot!

Saturday: 3 mile walk with little Miss

Sunday: 2 mile walk. Walked/ran .5 mile with little Miss. We started this out as an afternoon walk but she wanted to run most of the time. After she burned off some energy, I walked a little more on my own.

Total: 15 miles

I wanted to do some more run/walking but woke up Friday morning with a terrible cold so I slept in on the weekend. By the time I was up my husband had work to do and it was too hot to run with the stroller outside, so I just got some nice walks in. It was around this stage in my pregnancy last time that I was put on bedrest and I had not done any running at all after my first trimester and hardly any walking (just yoga) so I’m grateful for any extra fitness I get in during these last few weeks.

I’ve done some reading on postpartum running but any thoughts on returning to running post-baby? For my first, I waited the full six weeks but if you have any experiences on how long you waited, please share! 

I was reading over some of my run entries from daily mile post-baby and it will be interesting to see how I can find time to run with two kids. I’m thankful to have a treadmill which I plan to use during nap-time but just hope to keep up this blog to stay motivated to run post-baby!


4 thoughts on “Week 34

  1. Your bump is adorable!! Nice job getting some walk/runs in, especially with the heat. I’m having a harder and harder time motivating myself these days!
    Post-partum, I was similar to Clea. I had a easy delivery, so I went for my first slow easy walk a week later, and started easy jogging at 2-3 weeks. But take as long as you need- it’s not like those early runs did anything for my fitness- it was more for the mental health benefits!

  2. You look great! I started walking after about a week, and run/ walking a couple weeks later. It was a challenge, but my doctor said as long as I wasn’t bleeding it was fine. It was also very slow at first, but it seemed like at some point it all clicked and then I progressed quickly from there. Everyone is differnet though, and you should just go at
    your pace, and not beat yourself up if you take a little while to get back where you were.

    • thanks for the advice! I know returning to running always varies depending on what type of pregnancy, labor, etc. you have but I just like hearing other’s perspectives on what works for them. Keep up your great training mama!

  3. I just found your blog from NYC Running Mama…I love reading about running during pregnancy. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my 3rd, but this is the first pregnancy I’ve kept running.

    With my first 2, I didn’t have any problems or complications with labor/delivery/postpartum and I started running again about 4 weeks postpartum. I went out and ran 1 mile (no walking!) no matter how long it took (it took about 13 minutes the first time!) and slowly built up from there. And really my biggest advice about 2+ kids…kegels! It makes running more fun when you aren’t worried about peeing your pants!

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