Week 36 and the pain continues…

Well, week 36 has been quite uneventful. My husband spent his last week on his out of town work assignment. Since I was still suffering with terrible back pain, I decided to pack my bags and spend the week at my parents so that they could help me with my two year old. Small activities such as standing, walking, and lifting have been so painful.

After spending all week taking Tylenol (since you can’t have Ibuprofen or other helpful anti-inflammatories when pregnant), icing/heating, and trying to stay off my feet I was still in a lot of pain. By Thursday, after several calls to my doctor, I was still feeling bad so I made an appointment with a physical therapist to see if there was anything I could do to help recover from this pain/injury.

After an evaluation with the therapist, I learned that I have an injury to my Sacroiliac Joint or the joint that connects your sacrum to your Ilium (hip area). As we all know, everything starts loosening and widening in the hips as the body gets ready for childbirth so perhaps my joint got a little out of wack after decreased stability. This could have been caused by my running/walking. Guess I should have put on that maternity support belt:(


I felt relief knowing what was actually wrong (I thought it was a back strain, pinched nerve?) but unfortunately, at this late stage in my pregnancy, there is not much I can do other than perform some simple stability exercises (superman, bridge, etc.) and stretches and continue to ice my back and wear my maternity support belt to take pressure off my back/hips. I really should have kept up my yoga during my pregnancy because I do these poses all the time in yoga and you forget how important it is to have a strong core to prevent injury. My goal is to work on core post-baby!

Also, no more running until post-baby and this heals:(

I am glad it is nothing major but I hate not being able to feel good enough to do basic things around my house: pick up my two year old, clean, cook, take my long walks, or lift anything heavy. Anything other than sitting just feels painful and there is not much I can take to help with the pain.

So, I guess I will just have to spend these next two weeks healing, relaxing, and trying to keep my two year old entertained. I suppose the house cleaning and cooking can wait. I will have plenty of time for that in the future….


One thought on “Week 36 and the pain continues…

  1. I’m glad you found out what it is, but bummer. Take it easy and let it heal!

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