Full TERM!

As of yesterday, I am 37 weeks and full-term with my pregnancy.  I always love getting to this point in my pregnancy because I know that the baby is developed and would be fine if I went into labor early, but that I am also getting close to the arrival of our new daughter. Here is a belly picture I took last week.

I went to the doctor and physical therapist last week and things are going well. We had a sonogram to see the baby and she is active and kicking. She was moving and kicking in my belly. Her head is way down and she was doing her practice breathing. The doctor examined me and we are seeing some progress labor-wise so I predict that she will arrive within the next two weeks. I also saw the physical therapist.  My SI joint continues to bother me and it not likely to go away until after I have the baby but I am keeping up with my stability exercises. These will be great to do post baby to help regain my core strength and prevent future SI joint injuries. The exercises are simple and include some of the following:

  • Bridge
  • Super Man (Bird Dog)
  • Hamstring Stretches
  • Hip Abductors with a band

I am not able to continue my run/walks and as much as I have enjoyed my time to sleep in the mornings and relax, I do realize how much I love and appreciate my morning time to exercise. I love having this time for me to get in a good workout and start my day! I will be ready to get back out and into a routine post-baby (if the little one allows!). I have been spending my time and energy tackling all my last minute to-dos to get ready for her arrival. I have also had some time to do some summer reading! Here is a list of my summer reading so far:

The Dovekeepers – Alice Hoffman

A Land More Kind Than Home – Wiley Cash

Unbroken – Laura Hillenbrand

The Tea Rose – Jennifer Donnelly

I found A Land More Kind Than Home to be a little simplistic for me but I really enjoyed The Dovekeepers and Unbroken. The Tea Rose was also a light read with a good story. I started The Grapes of Wrath last night so looking forward to another good book. I am just enjoying my time to read before life gets busy with another little one to care for!



One thought on “Full TERM!

  1. I’m glad you listed some books- I’m looking for something new to read. You’re so close!! Can’t wait to hear about the new little one. 🙂

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