The Waiting Game

Well, I am 38 weeks pregnant today and feeling so ready to have this baby. At my appointment last Thursday, the doctor was seeing some progress labor wise and I thought for sure that something would have happened last weekend. But, at 38 weeks today, I’m still waiting to meet our new daughter.

My doctor did say that if she seems more progress after my appointment/ultrasound this Wednesday, that we could be induced after the appointment. At first, I had mixed feelings about being induced. I loved leaving it up to chance and the exciting feeling when you are rushed off to the hospital to have the baby. But now that I have my two year old to think about, out of town-in-laws to plan for their arrival, and a back/SI joint pain that has been bothering me for over a month, I think I am ready to just have this baby if the doctor allows!

So, for now, we are just playing the waiting game. And after a month of not being able to walk/run, I am excited about losing some of the initial weight (and stress of my back) and meet our new daughter.

It is so exciting to think that in just a few days we will be a family of four. I am not sure what to expect with a second child but I have a feeling it will be a crazy, busy, and fun time for our family.


5 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Please send out an update as soon as you have news! So excited for you…

  2. I can’t wait to hear the news! So excited for you…

  3. Thinking of you!! Can’t wait to hear the news. 🙂

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