Our family of four

Now that I am home from the hospital and all the details are still fresh in my mind, I thought I would update my blog on our new one’s arrival.

On Wednesday morning, I went in for a sonogram at 8:45 and had a doctor’s appointment afterwards. I had a sonogram to check the size of the baby two weeks ago and she was on the smaller side. Based on the sonogram on Wednesday, the baby was not appearing to be growing and since I was already so far along in labor and effaced, my doctor decided to induce us Wednesday morning.

We were sent over to the hospital to be admitted that morning. The doctor broke my water at 12:00 and they started the Pitocin and epidural. Last time I waited until I was VERY far along to get my epidural but since my first labor progressed so quickly, I decided to go ahead and request it. By 3:00, I was 4-5 cm dilated. Around 3:30 I started feeling some intense pressure. The nurse checked me and I was 1o cm dilated. I was shocked how quickly I progressed. I labored for another 30 mins and by 4:00 or so, I started to push. I pushed a few times and she arrived just after 4:30.

I felt so blessed to have such a safe, speedy delivery and a healthy baby! Our second little miss is petite but perfect! Due to a family history of jaundice, we had to start her on the bilibed (phototherapy) to encourage the breakdown of bilirubin. My husband’s family has a history of jaundice and my oldest also had to do phototherapy. Since it is so important that she keeps her fluid levels up so that she can flush the bilirubin out of her body, I am having to supplement her feeding with formula. I protested this a lot with my first and although it did make it hard to make the transition to full breastfeeding, I was eventually able to get my first to nurse after a week of supplementing her with formula.

So, for now, she has to be on her bed 24/7 with the exception of times when I can change diaper and feed her:( I hate not being able to hold her as much as I want but cherish our nursing/feeding sessions where I can just hold and spend time with her. Hopefully, tomorrow (Sunday) will be her last day on the bed so we can love on her and spoil her with attention!

Heading Home!

Our little glowworm on her bilibed (photherapy)


7 thoughts on “Our family of four

  1. thank you all for the kind comments! We are loving spending time with our youngest baby girl!

  2. She is so beautiful! Congratulations!

  3. Stephie and Keith, my heartfelt congratulations on the safe arrival of your lil miss. Enjoy these most special days to the fullest. Post her full name if you’ve settled on one. Love to all xxxxxx

  4. She is so little and cute!! Congratulations, lady! What a precious little family!

  5. Congratulations Keith and Steph! So excited for y’all…and happy you are a healthy family of 4! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more pictures! How much did she weigh?

  6. Congrats! She’s beautiful! You make delivery sound so easy 🙂

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