Week One

Well, it is hard to believe that just a week ago today we were in the doctor’s office for our sonogram awaiting her decision as to whether or not we would have a baby! A lot has changed in just one short week.


Since I publish this blog publicly and talk about parenthood and fitness/running, I have decided to refer to my girls as oldest and youngest as to protect their identity.

So far, youngest is doing really well! Of course, I remember the first two weeks being easy because the baby sleeps all the time. It was not until after my oldest woke up and starting getting fussy/reflux/colic that things got challenging!

We were able to take youngest off the bilibed on Sunday but we have had to go to the doctor every day to do blood work to check her jaundice levels. Although her jaundice is still considered only a moderate risk, her bilirubin has gone up so I have to continue to feed/supplement her with formulas as much as possible. This make nursing a newborn quite a challenge! Newborns are already so sleepy making it tough for them to wake up to feed but jaundice newborns are even more sleepy. Since she has already gotten a bottle at such a young age, there is less incentive for her to work to latch on to nurse. I am just hoping to get her past her jaundice so I can drop the bottles and formula and exclusively breastfeed but until the doctor gives me the go ahead, I will continue to feed her around the clock, every two to three hours.

With all the feedings, this does not leave much time to get other things done but I am thankful my oldest has school this morning so I can sneak in a blog post, some laundry, and some rest between feedings! I am trying to spend as much time during these two weeks to hold and love on my youngest but to also make sure to give oldest enough attention so she is not too resentful of the baby. So far, oldest just wants to take care of her and bring her toys, pacis, blankies. I think she is ready for her to be older so they can start having tea parties together.

Sleep wise she is doing great. My husband has been giving her a bottle after I have pumped in the late evening so I only have to wake up once between 10:00 pm  and 6 am for a feeding. This has been a huge helps. With my first, I liked to give her at least one bottle a day once she started nursing well so that I could have a break from all the feedings and to make sure if she ever had to, she would still take a bottle.

With all the feedings, doctor’s appointments, and concern over her jaundice, I am not even going to think about starting to do some postpartum exercises until next week or so but am feeling better and recovering well so I hope to join oldest and my husband on their evening walks. My oldest loves to go for a run at night and she will run anywhere from a quarter of a mile to a half mile in the evening. This wears her out and helps with the bedtime routine! I can’t wait to join her for a run!

Some pictures from her first week of life:






2 thoughts on “Week One

  1. She is so sweet!! Congrats to all of you. I’m so glad big sister is handling it well. And only get up once?! How lucky are you?! That’s a huge blessing, too. Enjoy the teeny tiny stage!

  2. Congrats on your newest addition! Beautiful!!

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