Closing in on the first month

On Wednesday, oldest will be one month! My husband took the youngest to see a movie this afternoon, so I am taking some time this afternoon to catch up on a few things, including this blog. We’ve been a little busy adjusting to life as a family of four so I’ve lapsed on blogging.

Youngest has been such a good baby! We had her two week checkup last Friday and she weighed 6 lbs 5 ounces and was twenty inches long. She is growing and eating so well. We have been able to stop supplementing with formula so with the exception of one bottle in the evening, she has been doing great with the eating and nursing.

She is also such a great sleeper. I only have to feed her once between 10 and 6ish to 7 the next morning and I feel so much more rested with her than I did with my first who was up all hours of the night for feedings. I keep waiting for things to change (they always do) but for now I’m enjoying a baby who sleeps well at night. She only cries if she is hungry or needs a changing but grunts all the time.

Oldest will not start her preschool until after Labor Day and since I’m not ready to expose youngest to the germs out there, we have been staying home a lot. This has made keeping oldest occupied a challenge. I try and get her outside to play and get some exercise early in the mornings or late in the afternoons when it is not quite so hot but unless you are swimming or at the splash park, it is way too miserable in South Louisiana to be outside during this day. I’m so ready for fall!

We try to take lots of visits to the pool so oldest can burn off some energy. She finished swim lessons last week and is doing so well. She swam in 12 feet of water and loves to jump off the side and swim to you. This child has no fear. I’m a little nervous for her teenage years.

I’ve got a little over two weeks until my six week checkup and then I can’t wait to get out there and start running. I’m not quite feeling recovered enough to start running yet but I have been taking 20-30 minute walks a couple of times a week and have started doing daily planks and push-ups. We have been spending a lot of time at home lately and since I’m not able to do any strenuous exercise, I’m feeling a little stir crazy and so ready to start exercising again and getting back into shape. The Olympics are definitely inspiring me to get back into training mode.


What I wake up to in the morning! Bright eyed baby.


What our kitchen “play area” usually looks like after a morning with oldest


Lounging by the pool


Just an afternoon nap to catch up on some sleep


2 thoughts on “Closing in on the first month

  1. One month already! I’m so glad you’ve got a good sleeper- my first was not and it would be so challenging to do that again with a toddler in the house. You’ll be back out there running soon!

    • Yes, I am thankful she is a good sleeper because my first was so tough! It is easier this time though because I’ve gotten used to waking up at night and less sleep. So far so good, now I just need to get back to running.

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