Six Weeks and September

After spending a lot of time at home in August, I’m ready for fall and the routines that September will bring. The end of August brought us back-to-back visits with family and a hurricane that resulted in rain, wind, flooding, and widespread power outages to South Louisiana.

We packed up our bags last Tuesday to weather Hurricane Isaac at my parents. Since we don’t own a generator and were guaranteed to lose power, we spent two nights at my parents. After Hurricane Gustav wreaked havoc on Baton Rouge four years ago and resulted in over two weeks without electricity, my parents invested in a built in generator to power their home. I really did not want to risk losing power with a six week old baby so I was thankful we could stay with them and stay cool during the horribly hot, humid month of August.

Isaac was not as bad as expected but was extremely slow moving. It made landfall exactly seven years after Katrina devastated the gulf coast and rained in Baton Rouge for two days. While the levees in New Orleans held up, several of the outlying river parishes suffered from flooding. Thankfully, we were safe during the storm.

After Isaac cleared out, I was able to make it to my appointment for my six week checkup and was cleared for exercise. I was finally able to start running this week. I was exhausted after only running two miles, but I felt so thankful to move my legs and run that I did not care how painful and humid it was. The first one mile test run was tough as I was pretty tired from late night feedings and chasing after oldest all day. It seems she decided that after the birth of youngest that she no longer requires a nap which leaves me with very little downtime during the day to have some quiet time. This will make early morning runs tough as I am used to having some time in the afternoon to take a quick power nap. Another cup of coffee in the afternoon? Yes, please!

Now that I have made it through the first six weeks with a new baby, I am looking forward to more semblance of a routine for September. Oldest starts school on Tuesday and we will be able to get out of the house more with the baby now that she is a bit older. Youngest is doing so well. Except for the middle of the night feedings, she has been such an easy, happy baby. I’m still learning how to balance life with two but so far things are going well. She is alert more during the day and really has a great disposition. We are starting to see more smiles and cute facial expressions. Oldest loves to help out in any way possible and is always willing to tend to her sister. Last week she was dying to give her a bottle so while I fixed her lunch, she gave her a bottle.

September bring the promise of cooler weather, new adventures at school for oldest, fall running, and college football. Geaux Tigers!






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