Has it already been three months?

Youngest turns three months tomorrow and I am in awe that time has passed so quickly. The last month has been a blur of carpool drop-offs/pickups, chores, errands, feeding baby, changing baby, cleaning, cooking, and laundry. Life is busy.

And in the midst of all my to do’s, I just want to freeze time and hold my babies.  Time is passing by so quickly.  Before too long, my baby won’t want me to rock her to sleep, snuggle with her at night, or sing sweet songs and talk to her while I am changing her diaper.

With my oldest child, I struggled to do everything right. I was so worried about spoiling her too much or getting her on a good sleep/feeding schedule. But, babies really only need to be loved and cared for. With my youngest, I just want to enjoy this time as much as possible. I now realize how fast it goes by.

So for now, I just want time to read something inspiring every day, drink my coffee, go for an early morning run (even if it must be before 6 am!)  and just enjoy my time with my girls. There are so many things I can, should, or could do.  With the busyness of the upcoming holiday season, I want to learn to find joy and peace amongst the endless to dos. As Sally Clarkson explains it best on her blog, I Take Joy, it is only by taking time to enjoy some quiet and stillness, free from the interruptions and noise of the outside world, that we truly find time see our blessings and to listen to God’s calling for us as parents, mothers, siblings, and wives.

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3 thoughts on “Has it already been three months?

  1. thanks for the sweet comments ladies! Sorry I’m so late to respond. I’m terrible about checking/replying to comments but thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

  2. What a refreshing perspective- yes! That’s all that really matters. Continue to enjoy your lovely girls!

  3. Love this post! So true, so true!! I cannot believe it’s been 3 months either…it seems like you just had that little bundle of joy. I’ve been bad about staying up on my emails and have totally forgotten to email you back (until now)…so sorry! Would love to take you up on an LSU weekend…maybe next year. 🙂 Good luck on Saturday, but not too much good luck. Gig em! BTW – your girls are precious!!

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