Look Who is Four Months!


I can’t believe my baby girl is already four months! I took her to the doctor today and here are her stats:

Weight: 13 lbs .35 ounces

Height: 23.5 inches

So, she is a little on the petite side but is the happiest, sweetest baby girl:) So thankful for my beautiful, healthy girls! As of four months, she is rolling over from tummy to back, cooing, smiling, and making all kinds of sounds, grasping her toys, and just loving life. I love my sweet baby girl.

Oldest is adjusting so well to being a big sister. She loves her baby sister and is so helpful around the house. Lately, she makes me smile with her sweet sayings.

“Mommy, I missed you SO much”

“You are the best mommy/daddy ever!”

She loves princesses, my little ponies, dress up, playing with her animals, painting, and long walk/runs outside in the afternoon. She is thankful for her elephants and giraffes:) She especially loves her school and play time with her friends. She had to get glasses for her vision so now she is now styling some cute red glasses.

ImageImageImageImageAnd somehow, despite the busyness of our schedules, I have managed to complete three of my twelve week half marathon training plan. I am doing this while coaching for the Karna Fitness Half Marathon training program. I love my Monday and Wednesday morning group runs and getting outside of my neighborhood/treadmill for some early morning runs with a great group of ladies!

Alright, off to get some rest for another busy day with the girls and to get ready for our Thanksgiving visit with the in-laws. Hope everyone has a happy, safe, and blessed Thanksgiving.


3 thoughts on “Look Who is Four Months!

  1. Adorable pictures! I forgot all about my little ponies… I bet L would like them, too. Congrats on getting three weeks of your half training done!

  2. Those kiddos are just downright adorable! Love the pics!

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