Happy Holidays


It is hard to believe the holidays are here! I’m taking time today to finally blog again because I know Christmas 2012 is going to be busy, but fun.

Lately, any attempts to get a photo with the girls looks something like the above picture. Youngest smiles but Oldest does her best to fight taking a decent picture. At least she is happy.

We survived our first family road trip to Texas for Thanksgiving  After a long stop to feed oldest, change diapers, feed baby, clean out the car, we finally made a four hour road trip in six hours. Oldest had a great visit with her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousin. We found out she will have a new baby girl cousin in April, so we are excited as our extended family continues to grow!

The girls did great on the trip but we decided to make the trip home Saturday night after the girls were asleep. We got in town before midnight and were asleep by 12:30. After a 2 am and 6 am wake-up call that night from the baby, we were tired on Sunday morning. Thankfully, we had Sunday to relax and get back into the routine before the start of the week. Here is a picture of the highlight of the trip for oldest, riding the train and seeing the Christmas lights downtown. She loves trains and anything to do with them. She has even been known to rearrange my chairs, furniture, stuffed animals, etc. to build an actual “train,” or Santa Sleigh. I think this child could be a future engineer. Image

So, as of today, I am in Week Six of my half marathon training. I ran an easy eight last Saturday and felt good despite my legs feeling a little tired. After my run, I seriously questioned my ability to even consider training for a marathon with little kids in the house. I’m just not sure I have the energy for it to recover and get enough rest necessary to take care of my kids and my body, while marathon training. We’ll see how things go once I am able to start consistently sleeping through the night. I’m amazed at moms who can train for a marathon with new babies.

This holiday season though, I am grateful for the Karna Half Marathon training program I am coaching. Meeting and running with our small group motivates me to get up out of bed Monday and Wednesday morning to meet my group for runs, even if I have been up several times at night for the baby. Our half marathon is scheduled on January 20th. I am excited about the race and have no expectations other than to just run the race and enjoy building up my mileage over the holidays to that I have a solid base for training. I hope to step up my mileage and pace for some races in the Spring. Who knows, I might even get back into my skinny jeans:)


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