The New Normal

I went to Oldest’s parent/teacher visitation at her preschool shortly after having youngest. I was talking to one of the mom’s who recently had her third child and described life with three kids as her new normal. You learn that life as you know it has changed dramatically after having kids. Life can be chaotic, dramatic, and filled with ups and downs. And of course, as a mom, you are always feel just a bit sleep deprived. But this your life and your new normal.

I know once I get used to one routine with my kids, something else will change (sleep schedules change, teething, toddler bed transition, etc.) but I think I am finally getting adjusted to the changes that goes along with having two kids.

When I first had youngest, I was overwhelmed by so many things. How am I going to get out the door with two kids and have them fed, dressed, and in the car for preschool? Normally getting up early and out the door is not hard for me but when you have a three year old that at times, refuses to get dressed in the morning and moves as slow as molasses, things can take longer than anticipated. Add a baby who requires feedings right around carpool time and things get hectic:)

Before youngest was born, Oldest would blissfully nap every day giving me some quiet time to catch up, read, rest. She has dropped her naps and there is not much down time during the day. Since youngest is still not sleeping through the night and mama is up early for her runs, I definitely was feeling the sleep deprivation.

But today, I realized that things are slowly coming together. Oldest was asleep by 7ish pm and youngest slept from 8ish to 6:30 am with only one feeding. This is a huge success after a few nights were she would wake up wanting to nurse for comfort or play. We are now in sleep training mode as she only needs one feeding between 8 pm and 6 am.

I woke up at 5:00 am this morning and felt great since I only had to be up once during the night. It was raining so we had to cancel our group run.   Since I was already up and the babies were sleeping, I decided to hit the treadmill for an easy tempo.

5 miles/39:27/7:53 average pace!

I started out with a 10 minute warm up , 20 minute tempo (in which I increased the pace to a 7:30 mile), and ended with a 10 minute cool down  Running at a faster pace is so tough for me early in the morning, but I knew I might not have time to fit in a run later.  So I just did the workout at 5:15 am. Ugh, it was tough but I felt great after.

This morning, I finally had one of those mornings where everything went smoothly. I got a run/shower before the kids were up and love getting to exercise before the start to a busy day. Oldest is in school today until 2:00 pm.  Since it is raining, I am taking some time today get some things done around the house, shop for presents online, and enjoy a quiet house while youngest naps in her bed.

Things are slowly coming together:) Of course, this could all change tomorrow  But, I’m slowly learning to embrace my new normal.


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