And there goes the weekend..

I had such a nice weekend. My husband’s office party on Friday was a fun outing. We enjoyed a nice evening away, sans kiddos! On Saturday morning, Oldest and I took a trip downtown to pick up my packet for my 10k race on Sunday. We enjoyed walking around the square downtown, playing near the water fountains, and climbing up and down the steps at the Old Governor’s mansion.

My husband and I were feeling a little sluggish Saturday. Apparently, after months of not drinking ANY alcohol,  I felt pretty tired all day, despite having only two drinks over a few hours. I drank plenty of water Friday and Saturday, but any type of alcohol makes me feel tired and groggy. So, we took it easy on Saturday, had relaxed pizza dinner, put the kids to bed, and I was asleep very early for my 5 am race wake up call.

I expected at least one night feeding Saturday evening, but when I woke up Sunday morning to get dressed for the race, youngest was still sleeping. My husband texted me later and told me that she slept until 6:30! Sleeping from 9 pm to 6:30 is a huge milestone. I felt great for my race after getting a full night’s sleep.

I met some of the girls I am helping coach through Karna Fitness, Half Marathon training program. This was there first 10k so there were excited about the race. It was a woman’s only 10k race so there was lots of pink around the start of the race. Here is a pre-race picture:


We had a great run and it was so fun to help pace the girls for their first 10k! I loved just relaxing and enjoying the race and not feeling the pressure to run a certain time or pace. It was a really great race experience. I am looking forward to some faster runs in the Spring but I forget how much I just love the support and enthusiasm of the running community. I loved seeing all the  spectators, volunteers, and friends/families out there cheering for the runners. 

After the race, I headed back to check on the littles. Oldest and I played in the morning, I cooked some homemade chicken noodle soup, and we spent the afternoon making Christmas sugar cookies.


And of course, there is always lots of cuddling with youngest:

photo (2)After all our baking and decorating, Oldest was worn out because she fell asleep watching her Christmas movie. Since she no longer naps, she has her afternoon rest/movie time. No matter how exhausted she is, my child has NEVER fallen asleep watching a movie. Well, all the baking must have worn her out because I went to check on her and she was sound asleep in the bed. Sweet girl:)

photo (1)Overall, it was a great weekend. Now, off to rest and plan for another busy week.


2 thoughts on “And there goes the weekend..

  1. When did she drop her nap? I think we’re getting close to that stage. And like her, my daughter has NEVER fallen asleep watching a show. She was really tired, huh? Congrats on the 10k, and the great sleep from the little one!

    • Sorry for responding to this so late! She dropped her nap last fall (right when the new baby was born). It would take me so long to get her to nap and then she was up all night (until 9pm) because she was not tired at now. Now, we have “rest” time in the afternoon and she is asleep by 7:30. A long day but at least I have some quiet time in the evenings now!

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