Louisiana Half Marathon

I did it! I finished the half marathon six months post-baby. My chip time was 1:43:38, not my fastest half by far but felt so grateful that I was able to complete this course, six months post-baby, all the while fighting a cold.

This year, I helped train a group of ten ladies, most of which were running their first half, for the Louisiana Half Marathon. It is such a wonderful feeling to help support other new runners reach their goals. I loved seeing everyone cross the finish line today. The are such an inspiration to me to simply put in the time and effort to meet their goals.

So…my splits were all over the place, but overall, it was a beautiful day for a run:

1 – 8:13
2 – 7:51
3 – 7:40
4 – 7:46
5 – 8:04
6 – 7:54
7 – 8:01
8 – 8:00
9 – 8:08
10 – 7:48
11 – 7:53
12 – 7:52
13 – 7:39
last .1 7:10 mile

Total: 1:43:38/7:54 pace

On the second and eleventh mile, we had to go over a huge hill. So, I felt great being able to pick it up on the finish and finish the last mile strong.

Here are some pre-race pics with our team, and of course, one with me and my dad who ran the half with us today.






2 thoughts on “Louisiana Half Marathon

  1. Yay, congrats!! Such an accomplishment, especially so soon after having your baby. Awesome job, mama!!

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