A Day in the Life – Winter Edition

I started writing a day in the life posts when Oldest was younger. I realized I have not written once since Youngest was born, so I figured I need to catch up this year. I love looking back and seeing how things change as my kids grow.

So, here is my day last Wednesday:

5:00 am – wake up, baby is crying. My alarm was set for 5:20 am to meet my group run so I quickly get dressed for my run so I have time to feed the baby before I head out the door. Feed baby, grab my gear, and head out the door by 5:40 am.

6:00 am – meet my group for a quick three mile run. We are tapering as this is our last week of training for the Louisiana Half Marathon on Sunday. For the girls I am leading, this will be their first half marathon. I am excited to see them cross this finish line this weekend to accomplish their goal.

6:30 am – finish up run, stretch, and head home.

7:00 am – back home. Oldest is up but Youngest is sleeping. I hop in the shower for a quick rinse off. I was so cold from running. I don’t have time to wash/fix my hair so I throw on some comfy clothes and fix my hair in a ponytail. This is why I love having long hair because I don’t feel like I ever have time to fix it!

7:15 – coffee, get breakfast ready for oldest. I eat breakfast, get the girls dressed and fed. We are out the door by 8:30 am to bring Oldest to school.

8:45- 9:15 – carpool dropoff, head home. Normally, Oldest stays at school until 12:00 but she has her dance class/lunch bunch, so Wednesday is her long day. I have until 2:00 to pick her back up. I usually use this time to run errands, etc. but it is in the 30s and raining so I figure it is best to keep youngest safe, dry, and out of the cold, miserable rainy weather. It has been rainy for over a week and we are all tired of the rain here in South Louisiana. Thankfully, the forecast is cool and dry for race day on Sunday

9:15 – get home, fold clothes, put up laundry while youngest enjoys some tummy time. She is scooting and wanting to start crawling. I am really not ready for her to be mobile yet.

10:00 am – youngest gets fussy! She took about a five minute catnap on the way home but she needs a morning nap. So, I change her, feed her, and get ready to put her down for a nap. Just as she is getting close to falling asleep, she spits up all over me and her clothes. Change her again and get her ready for her nap.

10:30 – Youngest is still talking in her crib. She is fighting her nap and always resists when she gets a brief catnap. Decide to catch up on my blog and some e-mails while she talks in her crib. I love blogging from my new keyboard I got for my iPad. My laptop battery died so I always had to sit at our desk to blog but now I can relax on my couch and write.

10:35 – baby is asleep! I contemplate doing some things around the house but am going to take a nap myself. Youngest was up at 1:00 am and 5:00 am and Oldest was up from 1:00 until 2ish. She had to go the bathroom, was fussy, hungry, etc. So after being up for good at 5 am, I have to take advantage of a quiet house when I can.

11:00 – I rest for about fifteen minutes but can’t fall asleep! I have trouble resting in the mornings so decide to do some more laundry, tidy up around the house, read some blogs, order diapers online, and write thank you notes.

12:00 – I’m starving! Lunchtime:) Finish my lunch just before the baby is up from her nap. Spend a little playtime with youngest and decide it is time for another cup of coffee. Our coffeemaker broke and I don’t feel like forking over money to get a new one just yet so we started using our french press. Now that I’ve gotten used to making coffee with it, I prefer it over my automatic coffeemaker. Less bitter and much better flavor.

1:00 – Baby starts getting hungry. Feed her. Baby eats a bit, then poops. Time for a diaper change and to finish feeding. Baby eats some more then spits up all over me and her clothes. Time for change #4 of the day. No wonder I have so much laundry, lol:)

2:00 – After some playtime, feeding, head to pick up big sister from school.

2:30ish – make a quick trip to the store to pick up some grapes and cherries. I find myself bargaining with my three year old to get her to behave while we shop. I need supernanny to come help me with my disciplining.

3:15 – finally home. Oldest gets a snack and some quiet time to play her game and watch a show while I feed the baby and get her settled down for a short afternoon nap. I do some dinner prep.

4:45 – baby is up and I am starving so I decided to grab a quick bite just after 5ish. I have to eat while they are both calm and happy.

5:30 – both kids are tired and fussy! Lots of crying around the house. I really wish daddy was home at this point to help. Finally settle my toddler down enough to eat dinner.

5:50 – my husband is home. Love that he is home early today. This time of year he is usually not home until at least 6:30 or 7:00. My husband has his dinner and I start the bath for the girls at 6:00.
Bath time is always a struggle. Oldest never wants to get in the bath, and she never wants to get out of the bath either. She has become an expert at stalling. I think she knows bath time signals bedtime so she delays it as much as possible.

By 6:30ish we are bathed and teeth are brushed. The girls are ready for bed. Oldest plays a little while, we read a story, do our pre-bedtime rituals. Since we dropped her nap, Oldest is usually a mess by this time so we have her in bed for 7:00 pm so that she is not too tired for preschool the next day.

Now that Oldest is in bed, we spend some time with youngest. We hold her, watch tv, read, feed her and usually have her in bed between 8 and 9 pm. By the time youngest is in bed, I am pretty tired so I usually crash and burn by 9:30. I’m such a party animal. Training for a half marathon with a baby who is not sleeping all night and a preschooler who does not nap has been challenging as I am usually exhausted from being up so early in the morning. But, I am so thankful for the program because it has forced me to get back into running and make something I love a priority. Otherwise, it becomes all about the kids, house, errands. Plus, I know this is a short phase. I settle down, read get my running clothes ready for the next day, and set the alarm, and get so rest so that I am ready to start another day!

Some pictures from our day:












One thought on “A Day in the Life – Winter Edition

  1. I love this! Such sweet pictures, too. Such a fun glimpse into your day… I always feel the same way around 5/5:30– so ready for daddy!

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