Lent and my Running Hiatus

I’ve lapsed a bit in my blogging. 2013 has been a busy year. I’ll attempt to catch up.

In true Stephanie fashion, I caught an awful cold just two days before my half-marathon in January. And of course, both girls ended up with nasty colds which left us all sick and tired. Nearly a month later, we are all still battling a cold. Mine developed into a nasty sinus infection (which I am currently taking my second antibiotic for). I took youngest to the doctor today and she was diagnosed today with a double ear infection. Oldest seems to have fared better but both nights she has asked to got to bed just after six. That NEVER happens as this is coming from the child who hates to sleep!

Yes, this has been a crazy month. Running has definitely taken a backseat to getting better and taking care of sick kiddos. Trying to recover as a stay at home mom  feels like some sort of cruel joke. The kids get sick, you get sick, you are up all night with the sick kids. You don’t get any rest making it impossible to get any better. My husband tries to help when he can on the weekend but this is an extremely busy time of year for him at work.  I would not be able to stay home without his employment. So, I do my best to let him rest at night. He helps out as much as he can on the weekends but starting this month, he will be working on Saturdays until April. The life of a CPA during tax season!

I went for my first run in over ten days this morning. Three easy miles on the treadmill. It felt great to burn off some stress. I took it easy as I am still not 100% but am so ready to get back into some normal sleep routine. Have I mentioned that youngest still does not sleep through the night? Yes, I’m kind of ready for a full night’s rest.

On to Lent…

I will try not to go on too much about my Catholic ways but tomorrow is Ash Wednesday which begins the season of Lent. Typically, we are asked to fast, give alms, and devote time to prayer.

So for lent, I’m giving up sweets and facebook. Sweets are my attempt to fast and show some sort of self-sacrifice food-wise. I can definitely show some restraint from sweets. And I want to give up facebook/social networking because I feel like I spend way too much time plugged in and am not in tune with my kids and/or not devoting quiet time in the evenings for reflection or prayer. As for the alms giving , perhaps I could save the money I spend on sweets and give more each week at the offering:)

I loved this description from http://charisministries.org/on finding time away from social media for quietness in search for some sort of inner peace. Lately,  at times, facebook leaves me feeling restless, jealous, or frustrated as I compare myself to others who may or may not have more than we do. I have everything in my capacity for peace and happiness, and I would like some time away from social media to be intentional about my time and to focus on my blessings.

Ash Wednesday: February 13 

Gospel – Matthew (6: 1-6, 16-18)

  By Sarah Corbin  

“But when you pray, go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to 
your Father in secret.  And your Father who sees in secret will repay you.”

We are ever becoming a society that watches each other’s every move. There is hardly a time when neighbors don’t know exactly where we are because of GPS enabled apps like squarespace.  So thinking about doing anything with my right hand that my left hand doesn’t know just about seems almost out of reach.

Through social media it’s really easy to share your own personal good works with thousands  of people by simply writing one sentence and hitting “send”.

We donate financially to friends’ charities because of Facebook posts. We re-post that we have made a donation on our own feeds to try and keep up the giving momentum.

We are encouraged daily to “pin” our good ideas and update our employment history to “link” with current and past colleagues.  We find a way to let folks know what we are up to frequently in 120 words or less.  We post our marriage proposals, graduation ceremonies and children’s births onto YouTube within hours of the occurrence.  We have the opportunity to socially connect, stand at a pulpit, and pray out loud at any moment during the day.

This week’s reading reminds us to take some internal time as well. There has to be a time when we close our door, turn off our electronic devices, and go to an inner room. It’s just as important for us to remember the soulful connection to giving as it is for us to socially connect through giving. And our sacrifices should be just that, self-sacrifices, not photo sharing opportunities.

Our time spent on self-reflection is vital to our spiritual health.  Making an effort to find silence, which is hard to come by, can renew us on our spiritual journey.

This Lent I’m making a commitment to take time to meditate, and step into that inner space.  My quiet times with my family, with God are important valuable moments that don’t need to be broadcast into the social sphere.  I know I need to work harder on connecting spiritually, in quiet moments, with myself and God.

To end on a happy note, we celebrated youngest’s baptism. Such a sweet, beautiful service for a wonderfully sweet baby girl!



2 thoughts on “Lent and my Running Hiatus

  1. Awesome idea to give up Facebook! I usually give up sweets too, and i really need to add in some extra devo/quiet time. Hope you’re fully recovered soon!

  2. Love it!!!!!! I’m way behind and can’t think of anything to give up! I’ve thought about social media, but since we’re Army and don’t live close to a lot of family, it’s my only way of instant communication sometimes and would feel bad that they’re missing out.

    To answer your stroller/car adapter question; I cheated. At my son’s 6 month appt his ped said that there wasn’t a reason why he couldn’t sit in the regular seat. I also only take them on flat sidewalks or the track, so it’s not too jarring!

    Glad you’re feeling better lady!!! Do you have a race lined up??

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