Sitting Pretty

Youngest is finally getting the hang of sitting up independently. We took our weekly trip to the grocery store this week and she was able to sit up (with our grocery cart cover to keep all the awful store germs away) in the cart. This makes grocery shopping much easier as it does not require to lift that awfully heavy car seat into the grocery cart.

Youngest is a flurry of energy lately  She is pulling and grabbing at everything and is really working on scooting. I think she will be mobile before too long. Yikes, there go my days of being able to put her down and not worry about her scooting across the living room floor!

We are still battling the double ear infection with my youngest. I took her to the doctor last week to recheck her ears and they are still infected. Plus, my two day streak of a full night sleep ended last Wednesday as she is up again all night. I think in the short 7.5 months of her life, she has slept through the night a mere four times. I expected this for the first three, four, or even five months of her life. But now that she is getting older and starting solids, and after being up  every hour until about midnight last night, my husband and I decided to implement some serious sleep training.  I love my baby but feel that I no longer need to coddle and convince her back to sleep. She was up at midnight last night. We tried feeding her and she was not hungry. She was not in pain and only gets fussy when we leave the room. She just wanted to visit and play. Sorry, little miss, mama needs to play during the daylight hours. Not at 12 am!

She has been keeping me, my husband, and Oldest up with her crying so we moved her into the back room (with the video monitor on her so I can make sure she is safe), and we let her cry it out. Thankfully, I can’t hear her cry as I am tempted to rush in the middle of the night to feed her or comfort her. But, I know that we all need a full night’s rest and there is no reason for her to not be able to sleep all night. So, I hope this makes all of our lives a little more bearable and able to take on the day by starting out feeling well rested.

Somehow, despite a terrible week of sleep last night, I managed to get in a mere 22 miles/week last week. I’m so thankful for my treadmill as I can use my kids nap/rest time to squeeze in a few miles. I suppose I should be using this time to do something more productive like clean, organize my houses, but I just need this time for me to run and do something that makes me feel good and gives me the energy to take on two very active little girls.

Monday: 4 miles (8:11 pace)

Tuesday: 4 miles (8:04 pace)

Wednesday: 4 miles/hills (8:15 pace)

Friday: 6 miles (8:23 pace)

Sunday: 4 miles (7:54 pace)

Total: 22 miles


Yes, she is wearing a bike helmet. She puts it on to ride her bike and then does not want to take it back off! At least it keeps her head safe while climbing trees:)


2 thoughts on “Sitting Pretty

  1. thanks katherine! slowly trying to get back into a running routine now that the baby is sleeping more.

  2. Looks like you haven’t missed a beat with your training. And your daughters are beautiful! Always enjoy the updates on how you guys are doing. 🙂

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