I really miss naptime

Shortly after Oldest turned two, she figured out how to get out of her crib. We made the transition to her toddler bed shortly after. Sleep has been a struggle with her ever since. Naps became difficult. Even though she was clearly tired, it took 1 to 1.5+ hours to get her to nap and then just as long to get her to sleep at night. She was going to sleep as late as 9:00 pm for bed because it took her so long to get to sleep for her naps. And she was waking up late in the morning for school because of her late bedtime.

When youngest was born, I did not have the time to fight her. So, I just dropped her nap.

I really miss nap time  We decided to implement “rest time” in which she could watch a movie in the afternoon. But, she is still a mess by 5:00 in the afternoon because she is so tired. Evenings are a struggle with two fussy kids. Since my husband is working long hours after their bedtime, I feel like a crazy single mama trying to manage dinner, bath time  and bedtime by myself

All I have to say is I really admire all single moms. I don’t know how you managed to keep it all together.

Since her bedtime is so early, she is up at 6ish am and is full speed ahead until 7 pm at night. I love my break time while she watches a show but I feel slightly guilty putting her in front of the tv. But, it is the only way I know to get a very tired child to sit still and rest.

If there are any mamas reading this blog who have any advice on how to handle this transition, I would love your input. I don’t so much mind not having the downtime of a nap during the day. But, the inevitable meltdown every afternoon/evening from her being so tired is really wearing my down. I have tried everything short of pinning her down in her bed to get her to rest. I’ll lay down next to her, get her a nice cup of milk, let her read her stories with her flashlight but nothing seems to work and since I can’t physically make her sleep, this transition has been tough on all of us.

I realize this is a small problem in the midst of the grand scheme of life. But, I just hate to see my little girl so miserable and tired because she refuses to calm down and rest. Yes, she is truly one of those strong willed children and she has difficult calming her self down. She is always a flurry of thoughts and creativity. I know someday she will do something wonderful with all this passion and energy but it is wearing this mama out!


4 thoughts on “I really miss naptime

  1. Jasper is starting to drop naps too, but acts fine and doesn’t meltdown. He goes to bed earlier then which is nice because normally he is up late and I get no evening free time. He is a low sleep needs kid though. But naps are really crucial for me to get house work done, so it’s always a give and take. Don’t feel guilty about tv time. I do active play most of the time, but there are times I just have to get something done around the house and movie time it is. We do the best we can. Have you tried moving the nap later? Your oldest may just not be tired. You could try a later nap and make it shorter to still ensure a good bedtime, but I hear ya…kids’ sleep issues are challenging!

  2. My younger daughter refused to nap by about 18 months or so. Not fun! The only thing I could do was take her for a 10-15 minute drive in the car and then I’d let her sleep in the car in the driveway.

    That worked extremely well in the summer as we have a minivan and I’d just leave the sliding doors open. I could see her easily from the kitchen window. In the winter I cranked the heat and then checked on her every 10 minutes. That was a pain.

    I don’t know any good way to get a non-napper to nap. Watching TV for a while to rest is just fine. You need the downtime too!

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