Fat Boy 5k

A few months ago, I signed up for a local 5k race in Baton Rouge, the Fat Boy 5k. If you can’t tell by the name, this is a very casual, small race that my dad and I usually run together. Each year they limit to entries to 1,000 runners. So, I love the small, local nature of the course (and the donuts, chocolate milk, and sausage poboys at the finish line).

My dad forgot to sign up. So, I was running the race on my own. Since my husband has been working like a crazy man trying to finish up tax returns for Monday, April 15th, my parents agreed to let me stay with them so I could a) get some rest and b) have some help getting the kids off and ready so that they could watch me run the race.

So…my Saturday morning pre-race routine was a blur trying to feed babies, get toddlers dressed, kiss my toddler’s cut when she fell. You get the picture, parenting and getting two small children ready for any event is a challenge!

But we made it to the race on time…

Since my Garmin was dead and I had to reorder my lost charger, I had my old Timex watch and had no idea how to pace the 5k, post-baby. I ran the 5k in college and to this day, I still get nauseous at the start of the finish line and hearing the sound of the gun go off. I don’t do a lot of 5ks any more because they are fast and painful. I’m really starting to love the longer distances.

But, I figured, I’ll just run a comfortable pace. I passed the first mile around 6:42ish (?), give or take 5 seconds since I started a little towards the back. Mile 2 was around 13:35 (?). I was feeling good but a little tired as we went through the rolling hills on the second mile. I crossed the finish line in 21:03 (gun time) and felt good about running this time on a hilly course with virtually no speed work in years.

While I never want to try and relive my glory days of fast races and 5ks, it was fun to push the pace a bit and get in some speed on a race. I think with the heat of this summer, I’m going to build some mileage and perhaps do a few fun runs to throw some speed work into the mix before focusing on some longer races in the fall.

Overall, wonderful weather and race. But the best part of it all was running back through the finish line after the race was over with my three year old. She is so happy to “race” and run with mommy. I love seeing the joy in her face when we spend time together. And of course, she loved the donuts post-race!

Photo Courtesy of Fat Boy 5k

Photo Courtesy of Fat Boy 5k


One thought on “Fat Boy 5k

  1. That’s a fantastic time for no speed work- wow! Congrats! I’m catching up on blogs this morning, and enjoying the ones with happy news. 🙂

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