11 Months AnD counting

So, youngest is 11 months and counting and I looked on my blog today and realized it has been since April since I posted anything. Yikes, I think I need to catch up. Here are some things going on around our house:

  • Audrey is crawling and pulling up on everything! She is in the phase where she wants to move constantly leaving me very little time when she is up to get anything done:) She loves to drink from her sippy cup and hoping to transition to milk soon. Formula is so expensive.
  • Olivia is a little fish. She took swim lessons earlier this summer and took a trip to the beach last week and she loves the water. Audrey does too:)
  • Lots of trips and activities planned. Vacation Bible School, Beach trip to Florida, trip to Chicago to meet our new niece, family birthday parties, and a trip to meet our new nephew in August all planned for this summer. Life has been very busy, but I feel very happy to be making all these memories with my girls:)
  • New car, my husband and I found a 2009 certified pre-owned Volkswagen Routan. I am now a mini-van mom. Kind of nerdy to drive a van but it so convenient for grocery trips, road trips, and outings with the girls that I can get over the nerdiness factor. Plus, I love my leather seats and satellite radio. We can rock out in our mini-van:)

Keith and I celebrated nine years of marriage yesterday. Nothing fancy, we just put the kids to bed and enjoyed a nice quiet meal with wine. We have a date night planned on Saturday and don’t feel the need to buy each other fancy gifts but just want a nice date and some adult time to visit.

I’m battling some shin pain lately but have lofty plans to attempt another marathon in January. I’ve been running with some great ladies during the week in the morning and I think having some ladies to train with has been wonderful. I was getting a little burnt out doing all my runs, solo on the treadmill.

I’ll close with some pictures….

1017081_10152928489410414_2058572838_n  945273_10152853701065414_1696993284_n 983947_10152928489095414_1055283579_n 1013678_10152928489525414_1185723093_n 1016601_10151535432784403_791947011_n


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