Summer Running

I was up again for the second time this week before 5 am to meet my group for our 5:30 morning run. We had 10X400 meter intervals with ~1 minute rest on the schedule along with an easy warmup and cooldown. I did not even time my quarters. At this point, I just focused on trying to pick up the pace for the quarter and jog the minute recovery.

For some reason this workout felt so hard.  Earlier this summer (Memorial Day weekend to be exact), we finished 20X400s with a minute recovery. Yet, for some reason this workout felt harder. Including my warmup/cooldown, I averaged around a 7:46 pace. 

On our cooldown and post-run coffee, we were all discussing how tired we have been feeling lately on our runs. My mileage is actually lower than it was a month or so ago (due to a nagging shin/Achilles injury) but I just feel more tired.  I got home and uploaded my run and checked the stats. The temps this morning were 74 degrees at 5:30 am and 94% humidity.

Summer heat in Louisiana is brutal. Battling the heat combined with humidity is not a fun combination. But, I am ever so grateful for this group of five amazing runners to keep me motivated to stay running through this brutal summer heat. I know I will be that much stronger in the fall, if I can survive summer running.

Plus, the post-run coffee and conversation is wonderful after months of solo training on my dreadmill.




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