The Unwired Mom

I love Sarah Mae.  I read about her after starting a bible study last fall. Next fall, we will be studying her book, Desperate also co-authored with another favorite blogger, Sally Clarkson.

This summer, she put out a great little eBook, The Unwired Mom. In this book. she challenges us to take some time away from online usage, social networking, etc. I love facebook, instagram, blog, etc. but too often I find myself spending way to much time on the internet/phone and not enough time focusing on my family/children. I have been meaning to set aside some time to try her challenge but have not made the effort to take her challenge. Well, she is hosting a challenge on her blog and I think this is the perfect opportunity for me to take some time away from the Internet/Social Media. The challenge starts tomorrow so I am posting this on my blog to hold myself accountable. Hopefully, I can write some and learn some things along the way.

You can read about the challenge

I hope to learn a bit and break some bad habits that I have picked up with my computer usage/phone. I think children these days have  a hard enough time trying to focus/read/etc. with all the distractions of computers/tv, etc. so I hope to be a better example by limiting my usage too.


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