Keeping it all together

Ah, is it September yet? That is when Oldest starts preschool and my life will be restored to some sort of order. I was wondering why I have been feeling so tired lately on my runs. And then I realized that parenting two small children all day is tough for me. I know some moms cry when their kids start school but honestly, I am thankful for a break.

This has been an eventful week already and I am only halfway through the week. My car died over the weekend. So, I had to have it towed to the dealership to get a loaner since my husband was out of town and I needed a vehicle to transport the girls.

On Monday, I lost my cell phone. Tuesday, I had a meeting with our preschool teacher and she was a no-show. I think she got her days mixed up with her other required training. When my group texted about our 5:00 am scheduled 10 mile run, Wednesday morning, I just could not fathom another day of waking up at 4:00 am and then trying to take care of my kids all day until 7 pm or later when my husband gets home from work. My three year old stopped napping about a year ago, so we have a long day when she is up from 7ish am until 8:00 pm or later….

I set my alarm for 5 am this morning to do a shorter five my run but set it for the wrong day. With scattered toys everywhere, a house that needs to be cleaned out, sanitized, and loads of laundry to do, I think the universe was telling me to sleep in and perhaps attempt to catch up on things.

This was the week Varsity Sports begins their full/half marathon training for the Louisiana Marathon in January. As much as I want to run another full, I feel like if I am feeling this crazy with my life right now, perhaps attempting to train for a full marathon at this point may not be the best idea. On top of that, my shins still don’t seem 100% healed. So, I think I am going to stick to the half. I know come January when everyone is crossing the marathon finish line, I will have a twinge of regret. But, I know myself and I know my limits. So, I am just going to stick with what I can handle at this phase in my life and not compare my limits to others.

Hopefully, once September comes and we have more of a routine after a very relaxed summer I will be able to feel a little more organized and sane. Or, perhaps this is just the reality of life with small children at home.


3 thoughts on “Keeping it all together

  1. I didn’t cry when school started over here either. I love my new routine! I’m glad school starts for you soon too.

  2. Sounds like you really have your hands full, Stephanie! I think running the half sounds like the right decision for you and I’m sure you will find peace with not running the full this year. You are an outstanding runner and will undoubtedly have many more years to train and go for that BQ if your heart desires.

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