Track Workouts in the Dark?!?

I run early in the morning. I usually start before 6 am so I have enough time to shower and get somewhat dressed before the girls are up.

I’m terrible about committing to a training plan and I think the reason why I never seem to get terribly excited about a plan is because the idea of doing track workouts in the early morning (dark) does not sound fun at all to me. I don’t mind tempo runs/fartleks/or runs where you can judge your training by perceived effort and don’t have to focus on a time for a fixed interval. 5k pace for 400 meters, 1000s at 3000 meter pace.

This morning, I attempted to run the Varsity Sports workout. It was a warmup/cooldown and 12×200 meters moderately hard followed by a 200 meter recovery. I figured out how to set my Garmin for this and to also include warmup and cooldown in the run. I made it through the warmup and could not figure out how to start the interval portion of the run. So, I just guessed and had to keep turning the light on my watch so I could see when the interval was over.

I took a quick stop for water after the sixth interval and, halfway through my workout, my Garmin decided to start timing my intervals. Ahh, technical difficulties:)

But, I finished my workout.

5 miles at 7:48 pace. Not bad for watch/technical difficulties in the dark..


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