Has it really been a year?!?

I am obviously not good at keeping up with a blog since it has been over a year since my last post:( Eeek, it has been a great year but I really would like to get back into posting things regularly so I can remember the early years of our family and life as a young mother. It has already gone by so fast and I am holding back the tears after paying my registration fee for Olivia to start kindergarten. What happened to my baby? Motherhood is such a strange mix of emotions. At times, I am at my wits end lacking in patience with my children. But then they will do something so sweet and my heart just melts. I am so thankful for grace because I certainly have my faults in parenting but by the grace of God my children so wake up loving me every day. Despite my doubts that I have as a parent and mother, my daughter still thinks I am the “best mom ever!”

I won’t even attempt to recap my past year in one post so a few pics will have to suffice…






And yes, after an eight year hiatus from the marathon, I finally got my BQ..3:24 and some change:) So excited about Boston 2016.


One thought on “Has it really been a year?!?

  1. It makes me so happy to read this post; sounds like things are wonderful for you. Congratulations on your BQ!

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